Friendly Pivot Addon Documentation

Friendly Pivot Addon mimics the functionality of the Autodesk Maya Pivot Transform tool with minor differences and improvements for the Blender. Its main task is to quickly and conveniently change the Pivot Transform Orientation, Origin and 3D Cursor positions by pressing one key, eliminating the need to select the desired component of a mesh and long travel through different menus to select a necessary action.

Just press and hold the button, hover cursor mouse above desire and highlighted component and click LMB or RMB to execute the transform.

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  • Change Pivot Transform orientation.
  • Change Origin and 3D Cursor positions.


  • Blender 2.80 or higher. Works in 2.93 alpha\beta.

Latest version

The latest version of Friendly Pivot Addon is 0.3.2.


  • Start Blender, then EditUser PreferencesAdd-ons tab,
  • Press 'Install' button and locate the downloaded and unzipped file,
  • Activate the addon, save user settings,
  • Close preferences.

Quick usage

  • Select object(mesh), press and hold D(invoke key by default, changeable) and hover mouse cursor above desire mesh component, press LMB to conform Pivot Transform Orientation or RMB to transform Origin to highlighted component.
  • In addition while pressing D key press and hold S key when click LMB to set Origin at the same time and position.
  • Or while pressing D key press and hold C key to set 3D Cursor position when click RMB. Simple.
  • In some cases addon behaves as local orientation and not as native blender normal mode for verts axis.


  • Works only for meshes now.

Known issues

The addon in BETA and works well but could be errors.

  • With negative object scale conformed axis flipped and preview loss orientation.
  • If release invoke key while MMB the addon continues to highlight components and preview local axis. Just press invoke key again to stop the issue.
  • If press LMB+RMB it imprints component's conform in viewport.


If there is an existed error, please press Report a Bug button in Blender preference Friendly Pivot addon's section.